What is Tigercon ?

Just a little background information about our event – Tigercon is an free, annual anime convention hosted by Towson University’s Anime Club, and sponsored by our SGA. The idea started a years ago at the whim of one of the club’s former presidents, and we all suppose now it was quite worth listening to her.

We are a huge convention that offers a ton of events such as:

  • comedy shows
  • video game room with tournaments
  • musical performances
  • panels and workshops by guests and artists
  • a cosplay contest and fashion show
  • free screenings of various shows and films all day
  • a full artist’s alley of 60 tables
  • several vendors

Whether you want to meet some fellow fans in the area, go to a few shows and events, or just want to see why there are a ton of oddly-dressed people amassing in the middle of campus, Tigercon is the place for you! In the past we’ve had performances by Geek Comedy Tour, Libera Edge, and Asterplace! Here’s to another great year of Tigercon!

Tigercon: Coming to a campus near you on October 25th, 2014! Save the date and pre-register now!

Contact @ : tigerconevents@gmail.com

24 responses to “About

    • ManaKnight,

      Tigercon is open to all people from all fandoms. Since you are completely free to hold your own opinion of the Homestuck series, please respect the freedom of others to hold a differing opinion. Thank you for your understanding ~!

  1. My friends and I are wondering what the procedure for entering the con are, do we need to have some sort of registration form with us, or do we just get in?

    • You come into the University Union on Towson’s campus and follow the signs/people to the information desk where you get your free badge. Other then that you’re good to go.

  2. I would like to come out and cover this for several local blogs, is there someone I might be able to have a brief interview with?

  3. I don’t usually cosplay Homestuck, but I’m hoping against hope that I’ll have my Davesprite cosplay done by the convention!

    Though I have one question: Will I be able to borrow a wheelchair, or should I bring my own?

  4. Are mascot costumes allowed? I only ask because the face would be covered and I’m unsure of campus security’s policy on that.

  5. I would just like to give my compliments to Jade Beasley for this year’s badge design. Very creative idea to have the tiger cosplaying as Wild Tiger.

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