Cosplay Contest?!


Did I mention that we’re trying to have a Cosplay Hall Contest?
Because we’re totally trying to have a Cosplay Hall Contest.

So, if you’re coming as your favorite character, and you wanna be in the Hall Contest, or maybe just strut your stuff for the Fashion Show, go on and sign up! There’s no deadline for this (and of course, you can sign up on the day of, as well), but why not fill out the form and let us know? This is the sort of event that’s only as good as the number people who are willing to participate, so go on, sign up, show off a little.


Form can be found on the Cosplay page, which clicking this very sentence will whisk you away to! 


Support a good cause with the Tiger Can Town project!

Ahoy hoy, all.

We’ve been contacted recently by a person attempting to organize a branch of the Can Town Project, a la’ Homestuck, for those meeting up at Tigercon. The deal seems to be that canned goods will be collected throughout the day, a town is made, and photographs of the awesomeness then taken.

This is pretty awesome, and the canned good will be donated to a local food bank, so hey, bring something in so they can build an epic castle of charity and goodwill!

More information about the entire Can Town Project can be found here, on their tumblr, or here, on their Facebook. 

More information about the specific event being organized for Tigercon can be found right here, on the Tumblr.