Main Events for Tigercon 2012

The main events of Tigercon 2012 are as follows:

Libera Edge Dance Troupe – A group of girls with lots of rhythm that are returning guests at Tigercon and are ready to show you how it’s done! Come out and watch them dance like no other, then attend their Q&A or Workshop later in the day! Reference the Schedule for exact times!

The Asterplace – A J-Rock band growing in popularity since a hit show at last year’s Sakura Matsuri, they’re returning guests at Tigercon and have a great concert lined up for you all! Skeptical? Then you’ll just have to go to their concert yourself and find out!

Geek Comedy Tour – A group of comedians from New York with a lot of experience in giving great gregarious gestures of speech, their numbers include a writer for Comedy Central’s Indecision, Erik Bergstrom, writer for Adam Conover, guest star on Comedy Central’s John Oliver NY Stand-up Show, Mike Lawrence and returning Tigercon guest comedian Jake Young!

Tigercon 2012 will also feature ambient hall music by Anime Beats, a local radio station that plays J-pop, J-rock and even a little K-pop now and then! Look forward to the awesome beats of Lady Une of Anime Beats!

Check out her station

All you ever wanted to know about Baltimore’s own J-music station!


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