Important Announcement!

Hello, future Tigercon attendees!

Tigercon is around a month and a half away and we are waiting with bated breath for Towson University’s annual free anime convention and we hope you’re excited for it too! Now, those of us on the Tigercon Committee have something important to say.

The executives of Tigercon want to issue a formal and sincere apology to all the artists and dealers who submitted their information to our WordPress and did not receive the later update that we had to switch systems. When we first opened applications on May 2nd, WordPress encountered a site-wide glitch that prevented us from receiving any of the information sent to us by our applicants. We only discovered this a few days later, and so on May 8th we decided to switch over to Google Forms. Unfortunately, in our haste to move from WordPress to Google, we neglected to post this new information to our WordPress. Again, we apologize to the artists and dealers who applied early, only to find out too late that their information was rendered unusable. It was a mistake on our part and we will take measures to make sure that this does not happen again.

-Tigercon Committee


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