Tigercon 2015 has been cancelled. The following reflects deadlines from 2014.


Artist Registration for Tigercon 2014 is now closed!

Deadline for registration was September 6th, 2014


Please note that we will not be sending you a confirmation e-mail about your submission. We will be sending out e-mails about your table status no later than a week after the registration deadline.


Here is the rules for all those who would like a vending table:

  • The Alley accepts artists on a combination of factors (date of registration, type of goods, etc.) and confirmation will be sent once the Alley closes. Towson students and alumni receive priority, as always, but nothing is guaranteed.
  • We will provide you with a table, 6 feet long, 23 inches deep, as well as two chairs. You are responsible for your entire display, including table covers.
  • The table fee is $22 per 6ft. table. You may ask for two tables, but you’ll have to pay for both
  • A third table is available for the additional price of $25, but only on a case by case basis.
  • If you happen to have any adult oriented work, you may bring it, but it must be covered / not part of your general display.
  • You cannot have / sell weapons or replicas, or anything just blatantly illegal, so please don’t display images associated with illegal drugs or paraphernalia . If you are unsure if your stock contains any of these items, we suggest you not bring it. If you wish to ask about it, then please contact us at
  • Towson students and alumni may have priority table placement by request.
  • The walls behind the tables cannot be used as additional display space to hang things.
  • Please let us know if  you will need access to a power source and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Click to be taken to Artist Alley Application


Any additional questions or concerns can be sent to


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