What is Tigercon?

Tigercon is a free one-day con held by Towson University’s Anime Club. It’s 100% free to attend! It’s all-ages friendly and open to the public! We are open to all realms of nerd-dom! That’s right! If you want to celebrate anime, gaming, webcomics, TV shows, or something else nerdy, you’re good to go! If it’s nerd culture, it’s welcome here!

Where is it?

In the University Union of Towson University!

When is it?

October 25th , 2014

Are prop weapons allowed?

Unfortunately, NO. We have tried to negotiate with the TUPD to get prop weapons allowed, but after two gun scares last year, the University is remaining firm that we cannot have prop weapons at Tigercon. We understand that this is an inconvenience, but we must enforce it. Anyone who is found entering the Union with a prop weapon will be asked to return it to their car immediately. This is University policy, and no amount of nagging, trolling, flaming or general annoying-ness will make us change this policy. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. If you are uncertain if your prop qualifies as a prop weapon or not, please email us with a clear picture of the prop at tigerconevents@gmail.com!

Where can I park?

There is free parking campus-wide on the weekends, so anywhere will do! Unfortunately at this time Tigercon 2014 does not have a designated parking garage. We will be releasing information about our parking garage when the convention draws close. In any event, you wonderful people will have a place to park!

I’m not a student at Towson, can I still go to Tigercon?

Yep! Everyone’s welcome!

I am the teacher/parent of a non-college student(s) who want to go, is this con appropriate/safe?

Yep, we’re all-ages friendly! Some acts such as Geek Comedy Tour may have jokes with semi-adult content, but nothing you’d feel uncomfortable repeating to a coworker!

Is it okay to cosplay?

Yes! We welcome cosplayers from all fandoms whether they be anime, webcomic, or otherwise! Naturally, this is an all-ages con, so please keep your costumes appropriate! No nudity, offensive language (curse words, slurs against particular social groups) or otherwise inappropriate things are allowed. If you’re in doubt, please contact us at tigerconevents@gmail.com!

Will there be a Bag Check?

Yes! In fact, there will be two! One outside the Gaming Room on the 2nd floor and one in a room besides the Vendor’s Room on the 3rd floor, for your convenience! Both are free and both will be watched at all times by Tigercon volunteers.

Will there be a Gaming Room?

Yes! It will be on the second floor of the Union on the Susquehanna Terrace. No bags are allowed in the Gaming Room, but rest assured! The bag check is immediately outside the entrance to the Gaming Room!  It’s free to check all your stuff, and there will always be volunteers there to watch your stuff!

Will there be Karaoke?

Yep! It’ll be in the Loch Raven Room on the second floor! Check the schedule for further details!

Where can I get food?

Paws is a restaurant on the first floor of the Union. It has a grill and a Starbucks. The grill has vegetarian options, but further food allergy issues or questions must be addressed to Paws workers when you are ordering your food. If you would prefer to venture into the realm of dorm food, then there is also the Glen Dining Hall, which is only a short walk from the Union.

Are there atms nearby?

There is a PNC ATM on the first floor, but that is the only ATM in the Union. We recommend bringing money with you, as not all vendors will accept credit cards.

I want to sell at Tigercon, what do I have to do?

Submit a form to apply for a table at the Artist Alley! Head to the top of the page on the click the tab for ‘Artists’ to learn more! The deadline to apply is September 6th, 2014!

Are children welcome?

Yes, Tigercon is open to all ages!

Will there be 18 + events?

There will be no 18+ events and 18+ content is not allowed in the panels. There will, however, be suggestive humor in such events as Geek Comedy Tour’s act and some of the later in the day panels. This will not be anything grossly inappropriate, and if you do encounter such content in a panel then please bring it to the attention of a volunteer. We try our best to make Tigercon accessible to all ages.

Is alcohol allowed?

ABSOLUTELY NO. Paws does sell alcohol, but you are not allowed to bring it outside of Paws during the hours of the con. If you are under the influence or suspected to be, you will be immediately removed from the premises. No exceptions.

Will there be a rave?

Once again, ABSOLUTELY NO. Baltimore law prohibits raves of any kind, and Towson University especially prohibits such activity on its campus. Thus, there will be no raves, or any event that could be considered a rave. This is the rule of the University and the county, and so we will obey it to the fullest.

Can I bring pets?

Only official service animals will be allowed at Tigercon 2014. All other animals are unfortunately not welcome in the Union.

Is TigerCon handicapped accessible?

Yes. The University Union has elevators on every floor. However, the Union garage does not! So please keep that in mind when deciding your arrival time and parking spot!

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please send us an email at tigerconevents@gmail.com!


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