General Rules

1. If it is illegal in Maryland, it is illegal here. Towson University’s campus police are certified Baltimore County police officers. If you break this rule you’ll be having a talk with them.

2. No stealing, fighting, or harassment (verbal, physical, etc). While these all fall under rule number 1, it is never a bad idea to clearly state them so there is no excuse for breaking them.

3. You MUST ask permission before taking ANY photographs of anyone at the con. It does not matter if they are dressed up or not, a performer or a fellow con goer, you must have their permission. This includes video taping of live performances and panels as well. Remember: cosplay is not consent!

4. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult or sibling (16 years old minimum) at all times. Leaving a child unattended at a panel, during a video screening, or in the game room is prohibited. Situations will be handled on a case by case basis should the need arise. In case of separation, children will be required to have contact information written on the front of their badge.

5. If at any point in time you feel uncomfortable about someones actions or words towards you or another con goer, or feel as if someone has broken the rules: Tell a staff member or volunteer right away. Even if your complaint is against a volunteer or staff member, you should notify another staff member immediately. Actions can’t be taken if we don’t know anything is going wrong.

6. Please apply makeup such as body paint, fake blood, body glitter, etc. outside of the con, to prevent stains and markings inside the union.

7. Smoking is prohibited, except for designated smoking areas. This is a Towson University campus rule!

8. Please do not run, play tag, or throw things inside the Union.

9. Please refrain from damaging and defiling the University Union and anything in it.

10. The legal drinking age in Maryland is 21. If you are 21 and older, do not have open bottles on the premises. If you are under 21 and thought to be under the influence, you will be reported to the police immediately. If you are under 21 and we see you with alcohol, you will be asked to leave the premises.

11. No signs are permitted, except for signs that are an established part of the costume. Signs with offensive content will be confiscated, even if it is part of the costume. By Baltimore Law, any signs that  ask for food, money, hugs, etc. are considered panhandling and signs that offer to exchange any sort of sexual favor (kisses, hugs, glomps, etc.) are considered solicitation, and are therefore illegal, and will be confiscated.

12. TigerCon is not responsible for lost or missing items. We do, however, have a lost and found where items will be held if turned in. It is located at the information desk on the second floor

13. Bags/Backpacks/Purses will not be allowed inside the game room and the vending area. If you attempt to enter the area with one, you will be pointed in the direction of the bag check.

14. Intentional flashing of any kind will result in removal from the premises.

15. Shoes must be worn at all times.

16. Please keep your badge visible at all times.

17. Any stated TigerCon rules can change at any time, be it before or during the convention. Regardless, they are expected to be followed.

Rules for Vendors and Entertainment Guests

1. Towson University and its affiliated entity Tigercon do not assume any responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced items. We STRONGLY encourage you to label all your boxes, crates, carts and miscellaneous items with you or your group’s names and be aware of their location at all times. We will do our best to protect you and your property, as we value you guys more than anything, but we cannot be everywhere at once, so please take this seriously and do not leave your carts or merchandise unattended.

2. Please do your best to arrive at the specified times for set-up. If you arrive after the Dealer’s Room opens, we will transport your merchandise up to the venue, but will not assist with set up.

3. Make all checks out to Towson University with the subject being Tigercon when paying for your table. We also are poor college students, and thus cannot make change. Please arrive with the correct amount of money or use one of the ATMs on the first floor of the Union.

4. Vendors are not allowed to pin, paint or otherwise damage the walls in any venue they are located in. If you violate this rule, you are responsible for paying the repair bills.

5. By agreeing to attend Tigercon as a Vendor or Entertainment Guest, you agree to obey and abide by these Rules as set forth by the Tigercon Commitee. We reserve the right to alter the rules at any time and for any reason.


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